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There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who swing the car door open without looking and those who look to make sure they don’t strike another vehicle or person. Which kind are you?

– William Chasterson 

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My name is William Chasterson. I’m a writer and a student of history. I was raised in the Midwest of the United States in a very conservative town of about 15,000 people. In my twenties I moved to New York which is where I’ve been for the past 15 years. After the first few years of culture shock I was finally able to settle into my environment and actually consider myself a New Yorker. For the past year however I’ve been living in the third world. I’m not going to mention the name of the country I moved to both for my own safety and because this is not a political blog. The purpose of this blog is to analyze the human psyche and to develop a theory I’ve been slowly formulating my entire life which is that we are all the same. No matter our race, gender, language, or economic status we are all of us equals. While this idea sounds cliche most people’s actions indicate that they don’t really believe it.

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  1. The second kind, of course, goes without saying! The first kind are the worst kind who do not care about pain and loss of limbs, life or property of others – the haughty, arrogant and insolent louts without whose unenviable presence the world would be a better place to live for humans of the second kind, good riddance – muchas gracias!

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  2. I do try to be the type who looks first and takes care and I have never had a car accident but I am naturally quite clumsy and have poor spatial perception so my actions might not always live up to my ideals but at l;east I’m not like the parent at our school who goes from parking illegally in the disabled parking to moving into the bus zone… almost on a daily basis!

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