Being that I see the guy every week and greet him on occasion I think it’s about time I wrote about the thief that attempted to break into my house. I didn’t write about it straight away because I was a little shaken up an felt I needed to give my mind an opportunity to wrap itself around what happened. I think enough time has lapsed so here goes.

It was a normal night and by normal I mean the bar that was attached to my house was blasting music until 1:00 in the morning. We sleep on our living room floor because we don’t have an air conditioner right now and it’s too hot to sleep in the bedroom. After finally falling asleep I began to hear a scratching noise that woke me up even though I had tissue stuffed in my ears. I then heard the crackling of wood. It was about 4:00 in the morning. I looked at the window and allowed my eyes to adjust in the darkness. There was a machete lodged between the wooden shutters. The crackling was from the thief’s attempts to pry open the window frame. My wife and I quietly ran to the window to try and see who it was that was breaking in. We had iron bars installed so we weren’t in any immediate danger. The shutters are inclined downward so it was hard to get a look at his face while he was so close to the window. I got a good look at the bottom half of his face. He was lean and beardless. “He’s so young and already a thief,” I reflected. In one hand he held the machete and with the other some other jimmying tool. After a few more attempts the thief’s blade struck the iron bars. He must have realized the futility of continuing so he ran away most likely to find an easier target.

I’m sure it goes without saying that we didn’t get anymore sleep that night. I was troubled the entire following day as I was not sure about the intentions of the thief. Was the machete just a tool for breaking in or was it a weapon to be used on anyone that stood between him and his bounty. I felt a little better after my friend assured me that it was just a tool. The thieves here are not known for committing violent crimes. 

“But if you were to have cornered him,” my friend added, “he would have reacted just like a cornered animal and attacked.” So we weren’t completely out of harms way. As I mentioned earlier we believe we have identified the young man who attempted the break in. He’s even been rather cordial always greeting us first.

Going forward I know every time I see a machete I’ll be reminded of this incident.

– William Chasterson 

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