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The purpose of the Chasterson Award is to recognize bloggers who come out of their shell and bare themselves completely with their posts. All of us have a protective facade which we shed in varying degrees in order to genuinely connect with others on the blogosphere. I don’t mean those who are explicitly obscene or write things only for shock value. (That’s a facade as well). This award is to be given to only those bloggers who you feel deserve it. It’s also to encourage bloggers to actually read posts because it is an content driven award. To facilitate this there are fewer blog selections to choose from. Please only choose blogs that accept awards or are willing to make an exception in order to accept it.

We also use these awards as a way to pay-it-forward to other bloggers that we have found to be putting in the time and effort to create great blogs.

For those who have come here by reading my nomination, please note the below rules carefully –

– Show the award on your blog

– Thank the person who nominated you

– Nominate 5 blogs 

– Share a link to an exceptional article where the nominee bared their soul

– Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know

My 5 nominations with links to their articles:

1. HarsH ReaLiTy – http://aopinionatedman.com/2015/09/17/hoping-to-die/

2. Cristian Mihai – http://cristianmihai.net/2014/06/26/what-if-i-fall/

3. Climactic Rhyme – https://climacticrhyme.wordpress.com/2015/06/17/is-it-hope/

4. Dilekadramatika – https://betweenthecoffeebeanandtealeaf.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/five-phases-of-jobless-life-and-adopting-a-new-country-or-a-survival-guide-for-expats/

5. Bipolar For Life – http://bipolarforlife.me/2015/09/10/what-really-matters-at-the-end-of-life/

Please buy out the time to read each of these 5 posts. You’ll be glad you did!


‘Daily life in Central Africa’

I want to think OM from HarsH ReaLiTy for giving me an opportunity to share a day in the life of William Chasterson in Central Africa.

Your probably asking, “William what the heck is ‘Daily life in…'” Well let me explain. It’s your opportunity to showcase where you’re from. Show us your hometown. Click here for details on how you can participate.

I’ve been doing volunteer work in Central Africa for almost two years now. It would be remiss of me not to mention a particular aspect of daily life here, and that’s police brutality. This is especially on my mind in light of recent events. First I’ll mention something that happened to me the other day. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I rent an apartment connected to a bar which features loud revelries until the break of dawn. Here’s a picture of the front of my house on a typical morning after such an event.

Anyways the other day the loud music was overshadowed by shouting and noisy activity surrounding the house. I ran to the back window and overheard a man threatening to kill someone over being accused of lying. Though he was worked up his neighbors managed to wrestle him away from his victim. The shouting continued however and carried into the front of the house where the entire neighborhood seemed to be gathered. We turned off all the lights and discreetly peeked out the window as we heard a physical confrontation. People were yelling, “You are murderers!” The police showed up and we heard more shouting, threats and the cocking of arms. I called my friend who’s sister is a police and she advised us not to leave the house. If someone knocks on the door we were to call her brother. Eventually the situation calmed and the police arrested someone after giving him a thorough beat down. The next morning I heard that my friend was in the hospital. The same night he was offering us advice on avoiding a violent confrontation he was attacked by the police and beaten unconscious. He’s a taxi driver so he innocently picked up a female passenger who hailed him. All at once another car wildly swerved out of nowhere and started chasing them. At this point the girl nonchalantly mentions that it’s her jealous boyfriend that is chasing her. My friend wants to do the right thing so he drives to a check point figuring the girl will be safe in the presence of the police. The girl gets out and walks towards the police while the pursuers jump out of their car and begin assaulting my friend. There are four men who beat him while the girl’s boyfriend who by the way is armed takes the lead. The police/soldiers at the checkpoint stand by idly while my friend is mercilessly beaten unconscious. Apparently the girl’s boyfriend was some sort of high ranking officer which makes him above the law. My friend was told that the aggressor was locked up and the other men fled the scene. But most likely no one was arrested.

Poster on Ebola prevention

Drunk driving accident 

This is called bush meat. It’s monkey.

Someone attempted to break into my house using a machete like this one. I wrote about it in another post entitled ‘Machete‘.

Power Line Spaghetti 

Dead tarantula almost the size of my fist.

One of the dogs that alert us to approaching thieves.

Snails. Sometimes they try to escape but rarely succeed. It’s a slow getaway.

This is what happens to the ground in the rainy season.

A litter of stray puppies. Here dogs are free.

A typical kitchen.

Giant centipede 

This poster hangs in most barber shops.

Friends preparing fish for a gathering 

A boy selling credit for phones. Here all of the phones are ‘pay as you go’.

Third world antenna.

At the market



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