My views on literary agents are as follows. A writer-agent relationship is a partnership where the agent benefits as much as the writer. An agent should take on an writer only after having read and coming to believe strongly in the writer’s voice. I believe that a writer should never pay an upfront fee to have his work read or reviewed by an agent. Once money passes hands a conflict of interest is created. The agent’s opinions are now suspect. There’s no way the writer can objectively be sure the  appraisal isn’t just as a result of the payment. A true agent makes his or her money off of a percentage of the writer’s work. Because their payment is dependent on the sale of the writer’s work they are motivated to only represent writer’s they think will sale. This is a risk they are willing to take because they believe in the writer’s voice.
That being said, I, William Chasterson am currently seeking representation. If you’ve read my work and feel you can successfully market it in a way that can result in a beneficial partnership, please drop me a line at williamchasterson at gmail dot com.

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